Cellulite Laser Treatments

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite, which can affect areas like the booty, thighs, and stomach, happens when packets of body fat deep under the skin push up through layers of fibers to create a dimpling effect. You can get it whether you’re a size zero or a size 16. You can thank genetics for that, and also the fact that women are just more prone to cellulite than men.

Cellulite forms when fibrous bands called “septae,” which connect the skin to the underlying muscle fascia, tighten irregularly, pulling down on the skin, and/or begin to break down, allowing the normal layer of fat beneath the skin to push upward. This results in the puckering or “cottage cheese” appearance.

An estimated 85 to 90% of adult women have cellulite, typically on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The aging process can worsen the appearance of cellulite, as skin loses elasticity and is less able to resist irregular tension created by the fibrous bands. While overweight individuals tend to have more pronounced cellulite, it is common even in very lean women, and losing weight rarely gets rid of cellulite altogether.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cellulite Reduction?

While it’s actually more common than not for women to have cellulite, the dimpled, irregular appearance is bothersome to many women. If you are unhappy with cellulite on your body, then cellulite reduction can help you feel more confident in your appearance. In general, cellulite treatment will be most effective if:

– You are bothered by the effect cellulite has on your appearance, and wish to reduce it.
– You are happy with your current body weight and not significantly overweight.
– You are in good overall health.
– You have realistic expectations—cellulite reduction treatments can reduce dimpling, but not totally eliminate it.

What are my Treatment Options?

Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of treatments to help patients reduce cellulite. While none are permanent, many can achieve results that last a year or longer. Below, we’ve outlined the most commonly used treatment types and brand name applications—availability of these or any other treatment will vary depending on what cosmetic surgeons in your area offer.

Laser Treatments (Quarkum Lasers CYCLO & DIO Vascular Lasers)

Laser cellulite reduction uses a tiny laser probe, which is inserted just beneath the skin through a small incision. This laser heats the tissues beneath the skin’s surface, where it works to:

– releases some of the fibrous septae.
– reduce thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer.
– stimulates collagen production.
– improve skin texture and elasticity.

Although it involves tiny incisions, laser cellulite reduction is considered a minimally invasive and can be safely performed by a qualified provider in-office, using local anesthesia. Downtime is typically limited to 1 to 2 days.

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